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3D Pattern SPC Floor for Hotels

Although the SPC floor is thin, its structure is still various, and it is usually composed of a wear-resistant layer, a color film layer and an SPC base layer. The wear-resistant layer mainly improves the wear resistance and water resistance of the stone-plastic floor, ensuring that the floor can withstand scratches during use; the imitation wood grain color film layer can make the floor visually have a solid wood feel; the spc base layer is the core layer of the stone-plastic floor , the structure that supports the entire floor.

Explore our high-quality 3D pattern SPC floor specifically designed for hotels. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your hotel space with our durable and visually stunning flooring solution. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our 3D pattern SPC floor, ideal for creating a welcoming ambiance for your guests. Upgrade your hotel flooring with ease and transform your space into a luxurious retreat.

Branded advantages

JADELIGHT SPC flooring has entered more than 2 million families around the world with its excellent research and development technology, production technology of excellence, and fashion and cutting-edge art design. We try our best to provide customers with thoughtful product sales and after-sales service. Over the years, we have established a good reputation and won wide acclaim.


1. Green and environmental protection, truly zero formaldehyde

2. Waterproof, suitable for any place

3. Good anti-skid performance

4. Comfortable feet, comparable to solid wood flooring

5. Wear-resistant, long service life

6. Fire retardant

7. Applicable to geothermal heat, heat preservation and energy saving

8. Easy and fast installation

Benefits of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring has become a trend leader in the flooring industry due to its advantages of environmental protection and health, super durability, realistic appearance, waterproof and moisture-proof, easy installation, various choices and easy maintenance. Whether it is a home or a commercial place, SPC flooring can meet people's high-quality and aesthetic requirements for the floor. Let the SPC floor accompany your life, bringing you a comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly living experience!

The SPC floor adopts a unique splicing system, which makes installation easy and quick. Floor pieces can be joined piece by piece with a snap-on connection without the use of glue or adhesives. This greatly reduces the time and workload of installation, making SPC flooring the first choice for decoration. SPC flooring is known for its wide selection of colours, textures and sizes. Whether it is imitation wood grain, imitation stone grain or personalized design, SPC flooring can meet different styles and needs. At the same time, different sizes and paving methods also provide consumers with more choices and creative space.

Its multi-layer structure makes everyone worry about whether the tiles will change or bulge easily after being heated. Therefore, the spc floor needs to be leveled with self-leveling cement after the foundation construction, so as to ensure that the floor will not become loose or hollow after laying, and there will be no dizziness when walking. The thickness of the floor also determines its use experience, after the test experience, there is not much difference between stepping on the SPC floor and directly stepping on the ground, even with the blessing of the silent layer, there is no obvious improvement.

The company has always been adhering to the concept of: customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and quality assurance



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