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Qingdao Jadelight International Trading Co., Ltd, the company originated in 2008, when Japan's Jiyang Sangyo Co., Ltd. invested in China to establish Qingdao Kiyoh Industry Co.,Ltd.

The company's main business is the production and sales of OA network tempered floor & OA network injection floor & office chair & plastic storage box and its accessories.

After more than ten years of operation, the company currently has a 4,400-square-meter OA network tempered floor factory in Chengyang, Qingdao; and a 2,500-square-meter OA network injection floor factory in Jiaozhou, Qingdao. Since its establishment, the company has been strictly in accordance with the industry executive standards of the Japanese JAFA Industry Association, strict with self-discipline, and consistently implements Japan's high-standard industrial requirements to produce every product seriously. All employees of Jiyang have been making unremitting efforts and struggles to create global high-quality tooling products.

The company has always been adhering to the concept of: customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and quality assurance. It establishes product planning from the perspective of customers, and conducts design, material selection, and experiments after full verification, and gradually moves towards mass production standardization.

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The company's products have passed the ISO quality system certification, and have been certified by the Information Industry Anti-static Product Quality Supervision Center and the National Building Decoration Materials Quality Inspection Center. All products are mainly sold to countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and have won unanimous praise from new and old customers.

The company clearly realizes that in order to provide customers with high-quality products, it is necessary to concentrate the enthusiasm of every staff member of Jiyang, persistent exploration, flexible conception and innovative spirit combined with the development requirements of the new era. Only in this way can we continue to provide customers with Jiyang's high-quality products and considerate services.
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The floor of our company has been tested by the National Information Industry Anti-static Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and its load-bearing capacity is greater than that of the light type and smaller than that of the ordinary type. Our products have been strictly implemented in accordance with the Japanese JAFA industry standard, which is the most stringent industry standard, from the date of establishment of the factory, which is completely different from the factory standard of domestic manufacturers. Due to the fact that there are no specific rigid index requirements in the process of terminal use in our country, the delivery standards in the industry are varied, and in the end it only needs to be approved by the user, so the price and quality are uneven.

Domestic well-known enterprises & communication operators & banks and large state-owned enterprises and other enterprises usually use high-quality manufacturers' products when they have clear standards for products and need to pay attention to project & corporate image after construction.
The company has always been adhering to the concept of: customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and quality assurance



 Room 20F, Huaren International Building, No 2 Shandong Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City Shandong Province China
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