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Easy to Install Steel V Series Office Room Raised Floor

OA floor is a new type of floor construction material laminate. A ground decoration construction designed to facilitate the expansion of network lines in modern office floors and office spaces. This solves many of the challenges designers face when using traditional pre-installed floor and wall wiring.
In addition, the OA steel floor can adapt to the specific needs of intelligent building information automation technology for the environment, so that various operating systems and control systems can be effectively connected, the degree of office automation is high, and the location is further increased. It is convenient, clean, beautiful, efficient, convenient and flexible.
Concentrated Load:
  • V3000

  • KIYO

  • 73269090

1. We can customize according to customer requirements to ensure high quality products.
2. It allows any work distribution in the open area as there is enough space above and below the floor for ICs.
3. No wires can be seen indoors, which increases the aesthetics.
4. Reduce wiring and save air-conditioning equipment installation and maintenance service costs.
5. The surface of the access floor can be paved with ceramic tiles or carpets. There are many choices, and the distribution of the building area can be changed according to the needs of customers.
6. The possibility to raise the system by more than one meter allows to level the room at different heights.
7. The highest heavy-duty capacity system can reach 5000N, and heavy equipment can be placed without a workbench or any other auxiliary tools.
8. It is a stable and durable floor, if you want to replace the tiles, it is always easier than ordinary floors, and it has a long service life and can be used continuously.


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