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Plastic Floor

Lead Hardness: Hard
Surface Treatment: Simple Color
Pattern: Puzzle
Color: Black
State: Block
Usage: Household, Outdoor, Commercial, Sports, Office
Approved: 3000n
Certificate: Jafa/ISO/SGS
Specification: Recycled PP
Trademark: Kiyoh
Origin: Qingdao,China
HS Code: 73269090
Production Capacity: 660000 Pieces

Lead Hardness: Hard
Surface Treatment: Simple Color
Pattern: Puzzle
Color: Black
State: Block
Usage: Household, Outdoor, Commercial, Sports, Office
Approved: 3000n
Certificate: Jafa/ISO/SGS
Specification: Recycled PP
Trademark: Kiyoh
Origin: Qingdao,China
HS Code: 73269090
Production Capacity: 660000 Pieces

Wholesale Plastic Slat Flooring/ Injection Molding Plastic Flooring/ Customized Slat Flooring / Used for Office Flooring/ Garage Floor Tiles:

1.Strong corrosion resistant ability and rigidity, not easy to break.

2.Advantages of long service life,  good ventilation effect,  labor saving.

3.The freely combined plastic floor has good versatility and economy, and can be integrated with the working environment.

4.There are four optional heights, and it can gather a large number of lines.

5.Our products keep up with the changes in the office environment of the times, according to the needs brought about by office relocation and expansion.

6.The load-bearing capacity of OA network injection molding floor is the same as that of OA tempered floor (3000N). It can completely replace OA tempered floor in the construction of flat ground, so as to achieve the same effect and save costs.

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