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WPC Decking DFW156Q21

JadeLight - has rich colors and textures such as stone grain, wood grain, wallpaper, etc., the snapping process is more precise, and the fit is higher. It solves the problems of large shrinkage, easy ripple seams, and serious height differences in flat seam assembly of other boards. It is smooth and smooth seamless.
  • DFW156Q21

About WPC

Composttion :
The wpc decking is an new and eco-friendly items in the international market,which is composed of 32% HDPE,58% Poplar and 10% Additive (Anti-UV,Paint and Coupling-agent etc.)

WPC flooring can replace wood and corrosion resistant wood flooring and can be used for long term outdoor, harbor, wharf, seaside, wetland, water deck, parkway and many other landscaping and municipal projects.
We can choose different colors, we can customize different colors and sizes according to customer requirements
Model: DFW156Q21
Size: 156* 21mm
Surface:  embossed
Colour: teak, walnut, Red wood, Red brown, chocolate, gray, black, etc

Advantages & Feature :
Design Feature :
WPC as a new  type of environmentally friendly composite materials,with high strength, impact resistance,non-deformation,waterproof,anti-corrosion,anti-moth,anti-virus effect.

Physical Feature :
Noise insulation, fire-retardant, processing obviously superior to a timber and plastic products,in order to hardwood stan-dard modular design,light and easy to transport.

Envionmental Feature :
No radiation, no formaldehyde and other volatile products,recyclable,green environmental protection.

Appearance Feature :
With a natureal wood appearance , texture.Better dimensional stability than wood, no wood knots,the product can be made into a variety of colors, the surface without secondary leaching paint.

Price Characteristics :
Free maintenance,long time using, material savings,cost-effective than the valuable tumber.

The company has always been adhering to the concept of: customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and quality assurance



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