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Waterproof SPC Floor for Commercial Places

Although the SPC floor is thin, its structure is still various, and it is usually composed of a wear-resistant layer, a color film layer and an SPC base layer. The wear-resistant layer mainly improves the wear resistance and water resistance of the stone-plastic floor, ensuring that the floor can withstand scratches during use; the imitation wood grain color film layer can make the floor visually have a solid wood feel; the spc base layer is the core layer of the stone-plastic floor , the structure that supports the entire floor.

(1) Ecological and environmental protection;
(2) Fire prevention and fire protection grade B1, second only to stone
(3) Various surface treatments (concave-convex pattern, hand-grip pattern, pair pattern, mirror pattern)
(4) Wear-resistant, wear-resistant grade T
(5) Moisture-proof, no deformation when exposed to water, can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc.
(6) The colors are beautiful and diverse, the mosaic construction is seamlessly connected, and the installation is convenient and quick
(7) Non-slip, more astringent when exposed to water, not easy to fall
(8) Noise reduction, comfortable and elastic walking, less prone to injury when falling
(9) Daily maintenance does not require waxing treatment, it can be wiped with a towel or wet mop

The SPC floor adopts a unique splicing system, which makes installation easy and quick. Floor pieces can be joined piece by piece with a snap-on connection without the use of glue or adhesives. This greatly reduces the time and workload of installation, making SPC flooring the first choice for decoration. SPC flooring is known for its wide selection of colours, textures and sizes. Whether it is imitation wood grain, imitation stone grain or personalized design, SPC flooring can meet different styles and needs. At the same time, different sizes and paving methods also provide consumers with more choices and creative space.

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