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The Application of OA Steel Floor in The Tracking Industry

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The Application of OA Steel Floor in The Tracking Industry

When we usually work or live in a hotel, we rarely pay attention to the floor of our office or hotel room. In fact, most offices and hotels now use the all-steel overhead OA network floor that I will introduce to you today. After the floor is laid, it will be covered with carpet, so you will not notice the type of floor under the carpet.

OA floor is a new type of floor building material, and it is a ground decoration method designed to facilitate the expansion of network lines in modern office floors and office rooms.

It not only solves many headaches for designers caused by the embedded wiring in traditional floors and walls. Due to the complex wiring of intelligent buildings and complete functions, the outlet ports are complicated. The floor is equipped with double-sided outlets, which avoids the shortcomings of the alloy all-steel floor outlet cutting saw. The installation is simple and convenient, with the characteristics of stability, reliability and easy leveling. There are many computers and electrical appliances in the office, and there are often messy wiring and insufficient sockets on the workstations. The OA network floor can perfectly solve this problem and avoid messy wiring.

So what are the benefits of laying this all-steel raised OA network floor?

First of all, it is environmental protection. Abandoning the old labor-intensive method of using mortar and cement to lay the floor, our floor is a finished product. It is easy to install, does not cause a lot of garbage and pollution, and is installed very quickly. Secondly, it can also make the room clean and tidy, and can well store the lines of the room, which greatly improves the safety of the use environment.

The OA network raised floor is a raised raised floor that professionally resolves the comprehensive network wiring situation. Usually, it does not need to meet the anti-static standards. If there are special requirements, then consider the rectification plan and take anti-static measures.

Finally, because fire is the biggest safety hazard, many fires occur because of circuit failures. In the past, our traditional circuits passed through the wire slot, or the wires were exposed, and the circuit reached the area of the socket switch.

However, in many cases, improper human operation, or electricians fail to take corresponding safety measures when wiring, will cause safety hazards and cause fires. Later, there was wiring inside the wall, but the pre-embedded wiring of the lines caused many designers a headache. At this time, the appearance of the OA network raised floor solved the problem that has plagued the public for a long time.

Advantages and features of OA network floor:

1. All-steel structure, small product weight, strong bearing capacity and impact resistance;

2. The surface is electrostatically sprayed, soft light, wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, and long service life;

3. High dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, convenient assembly, convenient maintenance, and high repeated application rate;

4. Equipped with outlet mold molding, easy wiring, and more convenient installation of ground sockets;

OA network floor use place:

It is mainly used in high-end (intelligent) office buildings, five-A management buildings, and offices of banks, taxation, industry and commerce, customs, insurance, and buildings.

In addition to simple wiring, the OA network floor also has custom-made supporting socket switches. The OA network access floor not only solves the wiring problem, but also adapts to the environmental requirements of information automation technology in intelligent buildings, allowing various operating system control systems to be connected together, and the office space becomes more comfortable, convenient, beautiful, convenient and efficient. And flexible.

All-steel overhead OA network floor is more and more useful in modern buildings. If you have relevant places to decorate and don't know which floor to use is better, welcome to choose KIYOH all-steel overhead OA network floor anti-static floor manufacturer.

The company has always been adhering to the concept of: customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and quality assurance



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