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What Is Plastic Floor Grid?

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What Is Plastic Floor Grid?


Plastic Floor Grid is a floor specially designed to adapt to modern offices and facilitate network wiring. Also known as wiring floor.

The product categories are divided into: Plastic Floor GridM-H40/50/70/95

Product features: low height, easy installation, natural wiring grooves, and more space-saving than traditional raised floors. Carpet or other surfaces need to be laid on the network floor, which is suitable for large office spaces such as office buildings.

Scope of application:

Due to its own characteristics of the network floor, it overcomes the defects of the existing floor cable solutions, and well adapts to the requirements of fast network changes, many in-out ports, high and low office floors, anti-static, and flame-retardant.

Therefore, it is very suitable for old ground renovation, supermarkets, office buildings, conference rooms, offices, electric classroom supermarkets, libraries, Japanese & Korean barbecue restaurants, stadiums & gyms & swimming pool changing rooms, etc. Dustproof, waterproof, drop delivery In the case of wind and lower wiring, the surface can be laid with carpet or PVC surface layer or floor leather.Ideal for storing product at an elevated height above cold and damp floors.

Alternatively used as an ergonomic work surface to provide an anti-fatigue worker friendly environment. Snap together, abrasion resistant "GRID" sections are ideal for wet floors such as paint booths, car washes, or general work areas.

Large office buildings with relatively large spaces, computer rooms, intelligent buildings, securities halls, government agencies, financial institutions, scientific research institutions, broadcast centers, post and telecommunications, communication sites, telecommunications teaching, advertising printing, conference centers, media production, business Websites, electric traffic, etc. are more applicable, and its application will surely promote the further development of high-tech technologies.

Product advantages:

1. In the renovation project, the original ground materials can be directly paved without dismantling;

2. The load bearing is the same as that of OA tempered floor (3000 type), and the cost is lower than that of OA tempered floor, which can effectively control the cost;

3. All indoor electrical pipes, water pipes, and air pipes can be placed at the bottom of the sky, and there are no lines on the indoor surface, which can optimize the use of space; if the lower pipelines need to be repaired later, the floor is easy to disassemble, and can continue to be reset after maintenance;

4. The installation and construction are simpler and faster than traditional wood flooring, marble flooring and other products, which can save installation costs;

5. The floor surface can be personalized and decorated according to user preferences;

Sixteen floors are one square, and in the subsequent use, if there is any damage, you only need to replace the damaged part.

At present, this kind of flooring has not been mass-produced on a large scale in China. At present, there are few companies with production capacity, but we are one of the few --- KIYOH, and almost all orders are mainly for export. However, the load-bearing capacity of this kind of floor is the same as that of OA tempered floor (3000 type), and it can completely replace the OA tempered floor in the construction of flat ground, so as to achieve the same effect and save costs.

The company has always been adhering to the concept of: customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and quality assurance



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